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Leg & Glute Workout for Runners

Up until the start of the pandemic, I was training for the Boston Marathon! Well, kind of. Only a few days into the new year, I suffered a partial tear of my inner quad that put me out of commission for nearly two months. After attending weekly physical therapy sessions to strengthen my inner quad, I came out of my injury with greater insight into strength training. Believe it or not, running is not all about running! In order to be an efficient runner and prevent injury, it is important to strengthen, stretch, and rest your muscles.

While building leg strength may seem obvious for runners, it is completely underrated but equally important to have strong glutes in order to prevent running injuries. Our glutes work to stabilize our pelvis, as well as propel us forward to maintain a powerful stride. I have compiled several different exercises that will challenge your legs and glutes while also engaging your core, as many of them are one-legged. This workout leaves me sore for days, time and time again, so proceed at your own pace!

First superset, repeat 3x:
-Split squat with stool (10x each leg)
-Stool glute bridges (20x)
-Stool step up to reverse lunge (10x each leg)
-Single leg deadlift (10x each leg)
You can complete these exercises with bodyweight, or add whatever weight you feel comfortable with. For all of these exercises, I filled a backpack with textbooks- I wore it on my back for split squats & lunges and used it as a pseudo-dumbbell for the other two exercises.

Second superset, repeat 3x:
-Sumo squat with opposite knee to elbow (20x)
-Reverse high plank single leg glute bridge (20x)
-Curtsy lunge into reverse lunge (8x each leg)
-Lateral lunge (10x each leg)

If you are having trouble figuring out what any of these exercises are, I made a video of this workout on the @running.inscrubs Instagram page. Let me know if you give this workout a try!