Running in Scrubs

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

I want to start off this post by acknowledging the Black Lives Matter movement and the recent racist events that have unfolded in our country. While racism has always been, and continues to be, omnipresent in our society, the recent racist events across our country have been particularly bothersome. I am genuinely disturbed, overwhelmed, and […]

What Are Superfoods?

Let’s talk superfoods! Superfoods have emerged as a very trendy topic in the past few years as more evidence surfaces supporting their health benefits. The amount of food designated ‘superfood’ status recently has made me skeptical, wondering if the term was merely a marketing tactic (which I’m sure it is, to some extent). As more […]

How Exercise Benefits Your Brain

My interest in lifestyle medicine is my inspiration for starting this segment of my blog called “Medical Mondays,” where I will share the medicine/science behind some sort of healthy habit or lifestyle trend. I love the intent of lifestyle medicine, which strives to look at a patient as a whole person, including what they eat, […]

Leg & Glute Workout for Runners

Up until the start of the pandemic, I was training for the Boston Marathon! Well, kind of. Only a few days into the new year, I suffered a partial tear of my inner quad that put me out of commission for nearly two months. After attending weekly physical therapy sessions to strengthen my inner quad, […]

Chickpea & Tofu Curry

Chickpea & Tofu Curry Anyone else a sucker for Trader Joe’s frozen Indian meals? Yeah, me too, especially when I find myself in a busy week leaving little time to cook. After finding myself in the frozen food section more often than I’d like to admit, I figured it was worth looking into quick and […]

Chocolate and Snickerdoodle Truffles

I have a major sweet tooth, especially for chocolate. Too often I find myself indulging in my cravings to the point where I have an upset stomach or feel bloated the rest of the day. I know if I tell myself to stay away from sweets entirely, it will end in a rebellious binge, so […]

Welcome to Running in Scrubs

Hey everyone, Hannah here! I decided to create this blog to talk about my medical school experience- the good, the bad, how I got here, and how to stay fit and healthy on a budget. Whether or not you are a medical student, you can probably relate to being tight on time. Sometimes it feels […]

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