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Welcome to Running in Scrubs

Hey everyone, Hannah here! I decided to create this blog to talk about my medical school experience- the good, the bad, how I got here, and how to stay fit and healthy on a budget. Whether or not you are a medical student, you can probably relate to being tight on time. Sometimes it feels impossible to juggle long days at work (or the library), keep up with friends, and have time to hit the gym and cook a healthy dinner before the Bachelor airs at 8pm. I’m using this platform to share how I stay fit and healthy ~on a budget~ despite a busy schedule. I’ll post workouts that can be done without an expensive gym membership, meal-prep recipes, and share my life as a medical student. Hopefully you find some of my tips useful in your own life!

I’m starting off by sharing what I like to call “non-negotiables.” These are activities that I will not sacrifice under any circumstances! When I was working full time and studying for the MCAT, I felt like there was never enough time in the day to get where I needed to be. Even though my instinct was to study every chance I got, I signed up for OrangeTheory as a way to treat myself, and that became one of my non-negotiable activities, even when I felt like I was behind in my studying. If I have learned anything from my journey to medical school, it’s that physical health will manifest into mental health, and the more I take care of myself, the better I will be able to perform academically.

Whether it’s happy hour every Friday, watching the Bachelor (do you see a trend here?), Wednesday night trivia, or a Handle Bar membership, make sure you are doing something just for you! Do something that makes you happy and keeps you sane. It is easy to forget, but self care is part of the equation to productivity!


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One thought on “Welcome to Running in Scrubs

  1. Love the idea of sharing your medical school experience and your lifestyle and I’m excited to see how your blog will progress xx


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